Suffolk Wildlife Removal

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The landscape of your property that you have worked so hard to create and maintain could be ruined if you have wildlife on your property. You may have spent countless hours planting a garden or pruning beautiful fruit trees, only to have the wildlife on your property enjoy the fruits of your labor before you do! They may even nibble at fruits and vegetables, leaving behind a half-eaten fruit or vegetable that must be thrown away. Wildlife can also be dangerous or frightening to yourself and your family.

We will control the cause of the wildlife problem by covering any access points where they may be entering your property or home, or humanely removing them completely, thus preventing the future return of pests and wildlife to your property.

Aside from the possibility of protected species being on your property, at Animal Control Experts, Inc. we believe that animals should be humanely removed from your property. If you suspect that you have protected species on your property, do not try to exterminate them on your own. Certain species could bring hefty fines or even jail time if not taken care of by a professional. Some homeowners inadvertently kill the wildlife that they are trying to trap and remove. They set traps around their home and then they might catch them during the day, especially in the summer. Just like humans, animals left in the sun could be susceptible to dehydration or even heat stroke. You might set out to humanely catch an animal, but end up inadvertently killing the animal that they were planning on releasing.

Eradicating Nuisance Wildlife

Even if you have an animal that would necessitate eradication, our methods are humane and cause the least amount of pain to the animals we are removing. Keep in mind that if you believe that you have animals in your attic, chances are that they are females who have entered to provide a warm spot to raise their babies. If that is the case and for example, you have a mamma raccoon with babies in your attic, and you set a trap to catch them, you will probably end up catching the mother. If you catch the mother, you will end up leaving the babies in your attic. They will usually die of starvation and create an even bigger problem when the stench of rotting animals permeates throughout your home. Many homeowners feel that they could just use poison or shoot and kill the animals. Doing so could put your neighbors and family at extreme risk and, if you’re not sure about the type of animal that you are setting out to kill, you could face hefty fines or jail times if you kill a protected animal.

Our suggestion is to never try to solve the problem on your own. You should always call an expert who will quickly and humanely solve your wildlife problem.